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How It Started

The story of Resolute Running doesn't just come from a love for running, it comes from a need for running, and a story that I'm sure many can relate to. As a university student in my early twenties, I was off the rails with partying and late nights. Eventually, this lifestyle had a negative impact on my mental health, where I began to have frequent panic attacks to a point where I could barely leave my home.

To improve my situation, I started running. It was the only way I could get out of the front door with real purpose, seeing as I worked from home too. There was a park just a few streets away from my house, which was an exact 1km loop. I began my journey of facing what had become agoraphobia by running this loop again and again.

So, as my love for running developed and I started to run longer distances, and in turn began to look at what events were in my local area. I saw that many ultra-distance events took runners along picturesque routes through national parks which looked amazing to me, but as a person still dealing with the agoraphobia, these races that would have put me so far out of my comfort zone seemed impossible.

It got me thinking, how can I run an ultra-distance event, without having to drive out to the middle of nowhere and run in completely unfamiliar surroundings. I thought back to the beginning of my running journey, and thought of course, a loop. This lead to the idea of The Ultra Loop, our first event series that is currently set to take place for the first time in 2023.

The Mission

The goal of my events is to make ultra-running accessible for everyone. I want to create events that are not only inclusive of all runners, but that allow people to push themselves beyond what they thought possible.

I hope for all of Resolute Runnings' events to be as sustainable as possible to reduce our impact on the environment. Alongside this, I aim to promote the value of community, the importance of mental health and the power of movement.
 Race Director 
Alex MacDonald
Alex MacDonald
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