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The Ultra Loop 8

Entry Fee: £32.00

The Ultra Loop 8 is an inclusive and flexible 8-hour running event with no limit on how far you can run. Within the 8 hours, you are encouraged to run as far as you can. The mixed-terrain course combines roads and trails around a 5km loop and no matter how many loops you run, you receive a finishing time and medal.

The event takes place at the very popular Heaton Park in Manchester, UK. The route allows you to experience Heaton Park in all its expanse and beauty as you run by Boating Lake and Heaton Hall and explore the trails and streams of the woodland.

Enter solo or as a team of up to 6 to share the time.

Oct 21st 2023

Heaton Park

5km Loop

No Limit

8 Hours

Mixed Terrain

Event Information

Signing Up​

Once you enter via Let's Do This, you will receive a confirmation email. Leading up to the race you will then receive more information, guidance and support regarding the event.

Signing up as a team means that you are signing up to share the overall distance with your team members in a relay format, meaning you run at different times. You will be given a timing item to pass between runners as you take it in turns to run your chosen distance.

If you are between the ages of 12 - 15 then your parent or guardian must contact us in order to organise your place and your parent or guardian must attend the event with you. We do not allow under 12's to participate in any of our current events. Please read further in our Runners Agreement.


We have a Facebook group for all participants that you will have access to where you can ask questions about the event and also meet the community of people taking part. We also have a Strava group we would love for you to join.

Registration & Times

Event registration will begin onsite at 7.00am, where you will collect your race number, chip timing ankle strap and have some time to warm up and get familiar with the event village. The event briefing will then take place at 8.45am before all runners will toe the line ready to start at 9.00am.

How it Works

There is one starting line where everyone will begin from, this same line then becomes the looping line that provides loop split times each time you go around. When you're ready to finish, you cross the same line and let one of our team know that you're finished, we can provide you with your results.


There is a time limit of 8 hours for the event and during that time you are welcome to run as few or as many loops as you want to. So for example you could run 3 loops for 15km, 5 loops for 25km, 10 loops for 50km or anything below or beyond, you can decide on the day. You are welcome to take breaks whenever you would like to.


Surrounding the start/finish line will be the event village. There will be a bag drop and toilets.


The start/finish line will also act as the singular aid station and spectator area. This is where spectators can gather and participant's crew can set up individual aid stations if preferred. Our aid station will provide water, fruit and vegan snacks. When you are finished you are welcome to visit the aid station again. 


If you would like to bring your own food and drink and you won't have someone with you to look after it, there will be an area where you can store your fuel but please make sure it is very clearly labelled.

With sustainability in mind, we are operating on a bring your own bottle basis. We will have plenty of water for you to fill up your bottles, but we will not be providing cups at the aid station.


The route is 5 kilometres across a range of terrain including woodland trail and park road. With there being some uphill trail sections of the route but the route being mostly asphalt path, we would recommend wearing road shoes with good grip, or light trail shoes that are also fit for road. The route is not on a closed course, so please consider that there may be walkers or dog walkers in the area. The address of the location is Heaton Park, Manchester, M25 2SW.

Entry Includes

  • Chip Timed Results​

  • Wooden Finishers Medal​

  • Race Photography​

  • Event Partner Benefits

All other questions can be found on our FAQ page

See additional information for female runners here

View our runners agreement here

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